Welcome to Club Adagio Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful, dynamic and compelling sport for girls of all ages and abilities. At its best it requires top athletic development and yet the resulting performance appears as effortless and fluid as that of a prima ballerina.

Girls enter the sport at a recreational or performance level and enjoy the unique combination of dance, gymnastics, music and self- expression through the use of hand-held apparatus such as ribbons, balls, hoops and ropes and specially choreographed rhythmic group and solo routines.

Practice of the sport provides an athletic and creative experience which promotes fitness and health for their growing bodies. The girls learn a sense of discipline, how to set goals, how to work cooperatively and how to build personal confidence within themselves. All of this and more is taught through the pursuit of sport at a level appropriate to each girl's ability and interest level. Read more here!